A Place Where Colleagues Are Friends

July 29, 2013

Carson Hill
Audit Staff

I’ve been told by a number of my “non co-worker” friends that they never spend time with their colleagues outside of the office. For them, once the clock hits 5pm, they bolt out of the door and act as if they don’t know their fellow workers standing in the elevator with them (and sometimes they don’t!).

However, that is not the case here at PKM. When 5 o’clock comes around, I get hit with emails and phone calls from fellow co-workers asking to see if I want to go play Trivia, see a Braves game or out to dinner somewhere and relax for the evening, while telling hilarious stories and making inside jokes only PKMers would know. Whether it is a cookout, a round of golf or a game of softball, I have a good time with my co-workers and consider them as some of my closest friends. I feel very fortunate to be able to say with all honesty that my colleagues are also my friends.