A pack of fun

November 3, 2015

Evan Towey

As stated in previous posts, PKM is a wonderful and challenging place to work in the accounting profession. Unlike some of the bigger firms out there, at PKM you will gain valuable knowledge about the financial institutions we serve by working on a variety of clients, both regional and nationwide. One of these clients, a client I recently worked on, is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay is known for two things: football and cheese. We did both.

There are not many things in the nation that are coveted as much as eating Wisconsin cheese curds and attending a Packers game at Lambeau Field. I remember walking through the gates and truly realizing how lucky I was to be in a position like that. PKM granted me that opportunity, and I believe these kinds of weeks boost the morale of the staff and make us want to work hard in return to create value for our clients.

Even after only 2 months of being full-time, Lambeau Field is still only one of the many enjoyable outings that I’ve been a part of so far at PKM. From lake outings, to concerts, to Friday parties, there is literally something outside of work going on every week for the employees. And every day I come to work knowing I made the right decision.