A great support system

October 21, 2015

Elizabeth Toms
Tax Staff

From the first day you start at PKM, even as an intern, you will have a great support system. Everybody is invested in your success at the firm. As a tax intern, you are treated as staff and will be able to get a glimpse into what it will be like to be a part of our wonderful tax group. PKM is unique in the fact that as an intern you will be able to work directly with managers and partners. The first week of your internship will consist entirely of training with all of the tax staff. You will learn from everyone as well as get to know your fellow staff members. Questions are encouraged and you will receive timely feedback to make the most out of your intern experience.

You will also be assigned a buddy. The sole responsibility of this person is to help you get to know others in the firm and take you out on fun buddy outings. Your buddy will be your go-to person for all of your questions you may not feel comfortable asking anyone else.

From day one, you will have a great support system at PKM. You will feel like a valued member of the firm and be recognized for your accomplishments.