A great day of service…and many great opportunities at PKM

October 26, 2015

Erin Churchill

If there is one thing to truly cherish about working at PKM, it’s the countless amount of events and opportunities outside of the office that they provide to their employees. As the Marketing Assistant, I’m in the office every day. No complaints here though because I’m constantly surrounded by wonderful people who uplift my spirits and get me excited to come into work each day. But on the other hand, I do enjoy having opportunities to spend some time outside of the office, and I was given this opportunity last week through the Gwinnett Young Professionals and PKM.

PKM is a proud, Supporting Partner of the Gwinnett Young Professionals (GYP), so our employees are invited to attend GYP events all of the time. This past Friday, GYP participated in the “Gwinnett Great Days of Service” at the Gwinnett’s Children Shelter, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event. I had the awesome opportunity to spend my Friday morning sprucing up the appearance of the Gwinnett’s Children Shelter!

During the service event, we ripped out old flowers and planted some new ones as well as spread pine straw around to enhance the appearance to the homes at the shelter. Our goal was to make the families at the shelter feel “at home” and proud of where they live. Not only did I walk away from the event feeling happy that I was able to make a difference in the community, but I also made some new friends during my experience. I met some wonderful young professionals from the Gwinnett area, and it was great seeing us all come together in a time of need. Without a doubt, this event was a success, and I look forward to other similar opportunities in the future.

Special shout out to PKM for always providing these sorts of opportunities for their employees!