A Great Choice For An Internship

August 19, 2013

Joe Murray
Audit Intern

PKM Round 1

I have been in touch with PKM for about 3 years now. I was looking for internship opportunities in Atlanta and while researching I came across PKM’s website. After digging through the employee directory, I discovered that Phil Moore was a Georgia Southern Alumni. I immediately emailed him asking for ways to get into PKM’s line of sight, failing to recognize his status at the firm. If I had noticed, I probably would’ve proof read the email a couple hundred times. Phil being Phil, as down to earth as he is, gave me some advice, which turned into an interview on campus during the Fall 2011 recruiting season. During this time, I was also in touch with other firms who were based in Atlanta that were looking for interns during the 2012 busy season.

It came down to a really difficult decision between two different firms, one of which was PKM. I reluctantly had to choose the other firm based on what I thought, were key selling points at the time.

However, I’ve found in the intern process that a firm isn’t just evaluating whether or not you are a good fit for them, but also you are evaluating if they are a good fit for you. I kept in touch with the other firm, but felt it wasn’t the best move for career longevity.

PKM Round 2

PKM was on Georgia Southern’s campus for recruiting season a year later, Fall 2012. I was offered a Summer 2013 internship, which I was smart enough to take the second time round. I can honestly say that people would kill for an internship experience that PKM offers. From internal audits to buddy outings at Turner field, I found myself fitting in without all the corporate rhetoric that most people need to get along with their co-workers. PKM is full of like-minded, genuine people who love what they do and who they do it with. Everyone carries themselves the same at work as they are outside, which creates a “work-like family” which is perfect, especially when working long days during busy season. PKM allowed me to enjoy coming to work instead of the making it the dreaded “9-5” job (or 8-6 for Accountants). Every engagement, I worked with different people who added valuable knowledge and personality to the firm. This is shown with all of PKM’s valued clients who actually enjoy us being at their place of work and when we leave they say “can’t wait until next time”. Many firms lack the relationships that PKM cultivates with their clients. I never felt like I was truly burdensome to personnel while on an engagement, but rather as someone who was adding value to their business.

I’ve only been at PKM for 3 months, but can genuinely say PKM is a great choice for an internship and I greatly enjoy my time here. I have met plenty of people who I now call friends that I will continue to stay in touch with outside of my internship. I look forward to growing with PKM as it continues to grow into the best accounting firm it can be.

PKM isn’t work…it’s family.