A Firm That Wants You to be Successful

November 11, 2013

Jessica Stefanczuk
Audit Staff

PKM is known for being a medium size firm that can give you that “Big 4” feeling, but I never quite understood what the firm really had to offer until I began working here. At PKM, you get direct hands on experience through working with numerous clients. You are trusted from day one to learn and understand the material and then actually apply it to your work! For me, I was able to get a much better understanding of the entire audit process because I was given the responsibility and support from my team from the very get go. PKM is a welcoming firm that provides you insight of not only the industries you are working in, but also how to manage and improve your career –something that many firms do not disclose so easily. One of my favorite experiences with PKM so far, is being able to have dinner with my “Accountability Team,” which and is designed to help you be successful within the firm. This was the first time in my career I could actually gain insight as to what it takes to move up the management ladder and directly ask any possible questions to a Partner of the firm. For me, this was an eye opener that PKM does make an effort to give you opportunities to help you grow with the firm and also has a personal interest to help you succeed in your career. I encourage others to look for a firm that aligns with their career goals and makes an effort to help you be successful by providing you with tools and knowledge like PKM.