Terry Ammons CPA - Atltanta CPA FirmFor PKM Systems Partner Terry Ammons, craft beer is more than just a way to unwind after a long day – it has become a lifestyle.

Terry’s interest in craft beer, however, started long before it was a fad. When he first began his career in accounting in the late 80’s Terry was on assignment in Belgium and Holland for three to four weeks out of the year. He actually remembers the very first brew he tried that was not a domestic. It was called Duvel – a Belgian golden blond, well-hopped beer with a slightly fruity taste and dry aroma. After that, Terry was hooked, having no idea that beer could have so much flavor and taste like anything other than your typical Bud Light.

When Terry returned back to the States, he returned back to the same old routine of Bud, Miller and Coors. A few years later however, Terry recalls seeing a six-pack of that same Duvel beer at Tower Liquors off Lenox Road. He picked it up and never looked back. “After that, I decided I would never go back to the cheap beer of my college days, which I finally realized really had no flavor at all.” That’s when he decided he was going to keep searching for and trying as many new beers as possible.

His excitement for craft beer is not something Terry has kept to himself, “dragging” his wife Marti along with him to the newest breweries and pubs on the weekends. One of Terry’s favorite beers is Creature Comforts’ “Tropicália” – the passion fruit and citrus hops probably reminding him of the Duvel that started it all. The problem with the beer is finding it. It’s incredibly difficult to track down – and when it comes out, it sells out quickly. One of Terry’’ most memorable moments was when Tropicália had just had a release and Marti drove all the way to Athens amongst a frenzy of people to pick up a case for him.

Current state laws make Georgia one of the toughest places to open a craft brewery. That hasn’t stopped Terry and Marti from traveling to a host of different cities and mapping out their own pub crawls to try the local fare. Terry and Marti are planning a trip to Asheville, North Carolina (one of the best craft brewing hubs in the United States) this fall where they will spend the majority of the time crawling the city for the best local eateries and breweries. Aside from Asheville, some of their favorite places to go are Colorado Springs and New York City.

After drinking all that beer, luckily for Terry one of his other favorite hobbies is running and has been since his days on the cross-country team in high school. When Terry graduated college and first started working he said he basically stopped exercising all together. He finally got back into running because it was an “easy and cheap way to stay in shape.” It was a “way to mentally escape and help me relax” Terry says. One of his main reasons for running nowadays is to be able to withdraw into his podcast library. A few of his favorites include: “The Tim Ferriss Show,” “WTF with Marc Maron,” “The Art of Charm,” and “StartUp”. “I started listening to podcasts to make the running less monotonous. But I got hooked and started running more so I could listen more,” Terry explains.

Because Terry prefers to run outside, he also uses it as a way to sight see different cities when traveling for work. “Since often times you can find yourself stuck in a hotel, an early morning run is great way to get out and explore the local scenery.” Terry’s favorite run while traveling for work was a recent trip to the Bahamas where he went for a run down Cable Beach at sunrise.

Above it all, Terry remains a family man at heart. He and Marti have three wonderful daughters Emily, Olivia and Abby. Emily, his oldest, is a Georgia Tech Alumna. Abby is set to graduate from Kennesaw State University this May, and his youngest, Olivia, is soon to be graduating from high school and will be heading up to Athens – where Terry will be sure to visit often and enjoy a nice cold Tropicália.