6th year anniversary with many more to come!

May 31, 2013

Abriel Davis
Tax Manager

A few months ago, I celebrated my six year anniversary with PKM. Often, my friends question how I can stay with the same company for so long. You see, many of my friends have changed jobs (even careers!) since graduating from college. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, my generation, Generation Y, is expected to stay in jobs for just over two years. I can say that the trend is definitely true for my friends. However, why am I not following this new trend?

First, I like what I do. Public accounting offers varying projects on a weekly basis. Yes, there are some things that I do routinely; but I love those new projects that rack my brain and keep me on my toes (which happen quite often). Second, PKM is a great company! I enjoy working with the firm and with these great groups of people (partners, staff, managers, and interns)…and I hope to continue to do so! Already looking forward to my 7th anniversay and many more to come!